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Fishing is not always fast catching and rainbows, and right now, catching is tough on the "Hill". What's changed? you ask. The lake drastically rose to 325.8. Only 4.2 ft below full pool. That was a 5 ft change on a 71,000 acre lake. Tons and tons of new water will take awhile to mix. The stuff the bait feeds on, the baitfish and the striped predator fish have all found this situation NOT to their liking. The past week has witnessed a 70 percent drop in catches. Today was even worse. Good news, IT WILL GET BETTER. Maybe a few more days, maybe a few more weeks, but when conditions get right, the bite will be blistering hot. We are cancelling and rescheduling trips for the near future until we can meet our expectations for a consistently high level of performance. Time for some boat maintenance. Clarks hill fishing guide

Feb 2018. Water is rising

Second week of Feb has ushered in warmer temperatures and nearly a 4 ft rise in water levels.  Because of the later, there is a lot of floating debris that can be a nuisance while pulling planer boards or trolling U-rigs. The down rod bite has remained the,main producer for activity and numbers.  The fish are fairly deep and maybe driven deeper after passing fronts. We averaged 30-40 fish per outing this week, with a slow day after the cold front in which the clients only landed 27 fish. We are looking forward to a great spring.